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Drawings Scanning Services

Scanning Process

Tact Group will convert drawings into highly retrievable and accessible digital files. Our scanning services are detail oriented and image sensitive, improving diagram and illustration quality through digital document management. Our highly customizable solutions are tailored to meet any and all of your unique scanning requests.

We manage all details of the scanning process for your optimal convenience. Inventory management, content evaluation, and large and small-scale preparation specifics are standardized to arrange documents for high-quality scanning

Tact Group has the highest security standards to guarantee the confidential safety of all your documentation.

After the inspection, organizing, and batching steps, Tact Group scans the drawings. Keeping in mind your requests and reason for document capture, we select the best production scanner. In this way, we guarantee result optimization for your project.

You can now benefit from the advantages of our easy and affordable scanning solution: high resolution images with enhancements, low storage costs, and the ability to edit and reproduce your drawings easily.


The Tact Group Advantage

As a vertically integrated company with over 40 years in the scanning industry, we have the professional knowledge and expertise that our competitors lack.

We use the scanners that we also sell, giving us a competitive edge to know exactly how to produce the best scanning results possible.

We guarantee reliability, high quality, efficiency and detailed resolution.

Smooth transitioning into digital documentation is guaranteed. Client documents are always traceable and available for consultation upon request so that operations go uninterrupted.

We perform rigorous visual checks and quality control checks.

We provide document indexation services as a courtesy, which allows clients to quickly and easily retrieve digital files after the scanning process is complete.

We provide different forms of expert support if you have any post-scanning needs.

Able to make adjustments to the process such as enlarging/ reducing, adjusting, aligning, etc.

Our expansive range of production scanners lets us scan just about any size, even non-standard sizes.



-          Letter, 8½ x 11

-          Legal, 8½ x 14

-          Ledger, 11 x 17

-          Plans

-          Various Formats


Different Types of Scannable Drawings

-          Flexible drawings or drawings with rigid backings

-          Maps

-          Plans

-          Architectural Drawings

-          Blueprints

-          Continuous Printouts

-          Technical Drawings

-          Historical Drawings


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