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Health – Scanning and Document Management

Health – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Healthcare Institutions

TACT Group offers a wide variety of specialized services in scanning medical records, medical data archiving and medical records storage for the healthcare sector. Improve your healthcare institution’s efficiency and service by digitizing the workplace, redesigning the workflow, securing historical and current records, and improving the healthcare environment.

Develop a competitive edge with innovation and improve the integration of computer systems through document management, medical records capture, archive scanning systems and high-efficient scanning equipment. Through centralized documentation these document management services and scanning devices are the solution to common healthcare system challenges such as: transferring documents from different departments and areas of the healthcare facility, managing high volumes of documents and patient medical history and records, as well as having all relevant files of a patient on hand swiftly when required. With the creation of a centralized documentation centre, your healthcare institution can improve patient management and expand potential capacity of patients by reducing administrative paperwork and decreasing wait times. For example, digitization can be used to quickly record and electronically share important documents between hospitals and practitioners, thereby providing faster, more reliable service to the patient. In addition, healthcare institutions can avoid duplicate and redundant medical data entry, and enhance cost management through cutting the amount of labor hours spent dealing with tedious paperwork, filing and document retrieval.

Our healthcare document management solutions and scanning equipment will revitalize the workplace and reduce employee task overlap, shorten the duration of waiting times, improve medical record confidentiality and lead to a more technologically advanced and innovative healthcare institution to provide better service for your valued patients.


Healthcare Scanning Services

Medical Record Scanning Services 

Radiograph Scanning Services

Patient Records Scanning Services


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