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Government – Scanning and Document Management

Government – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Government Institutions 

TACT Group’s documentation management solutions, scanning products and software make it easier for your government institution to keep information secure. Over the last 25 years, TACT Group has developed the expertise to skillfully handle all of your documents with the utmost care so that your government institution can focus on its important service to the country. Our data capture, document management and archive scanning services can help your organization restructure its system for improved efficiency.

Our company can create a customized EDM (Electronic Document Management) system for the needs of your particular government sector. This centralized documentation center will enable better communication between the different parties within the government sector thus allowing for easier information sharing and quicker decision making. TACT Group’s scanners and scanning software can handle a wide variety of documents including, but not exclusive to:  reports (standing committee reports, department reports), legal documents (bills, government regulations, case laws, acts/statutes), as well as other additional government documents (debates, committee proceedings, statistics). Rest assured that all documents will be handled with the highest level of security and confidentiality so that only certified users can view the documents. In addition, by implementing an EDM, your organization will be moving towards a paperless office, thereby supporting environmental protection and safeguarding your documents from loss and deterioration at the same time.

The scanning equipment and document management solutions of TACT Group can bring your government institution numerous benefits. By digitizing the workplace, your organization can reduce costs, optimize office space, enhance communications, strengthen security and redesign the workflow so that less time is spent doing administrative paperwork and filing and more time is spent providing reliable, quality service to your fellow citizens. 


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Fujitsu Scanner 

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Kodak Scanner 



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