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Media – Scanning and Document Management

Media – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Media Companies

Step away from traditional ways of archiving documents which are costly (paper, copying costs, and storage costs), wasteful and time consuming with less-than-optimal results. Instead, move towards a more innovative solution and adopt an EDM (Electronic Management System) to organize your media. TACT Group has the document management solutions and scanning equipment to develop a more reliable, efficient and flexible base for your media company.

Firstly, TACT Group collaborates with your media company to create an EDM system customized to your company’s needs and current setup. If your company has employees that travel for their job, an EDM system can make it convenient to store, share, track and access documents that come from multiple formats and multiple sources. This 24/7 secure, centralized documentation center will provide a single hub for authorized viewers to share confidential documents no matter the time zone and location, as files will be instantly available whenever they are requested. Secondly, our scanners and scanning software make it simple and easy to convert to an EDM system. These products aid in becoming more efficient by cutting administration costs and becoming less admin heavy, and creating a digital approach to previously inefficient systems through the use of e-documents, virtual archiving, leveraging mass amounts of information into a cohesive database and real time online tracking and monitoring of documents. Additionally, an EDM will clear away the paper clutter, making way for an organized, clean paperless office.

Changing to an EDM system can not only benefit your media company internally, but also externally. An EDM system will make your media more easily accessible to the public as well as more professionally presentable while reducing costs and redesigning the workflow so that your company can better provide media information for your followers.  


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