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Architecture Scanning and Document Management

Architecture Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Architectural Firms

Improve your architectural team’s collaborative work, accuracy and efficiency by digitizing your project documents. TACT Group has the document management solutions and scanning equipment to handle your document management, document and image scanningforms and document captureand image enhancement. 

Regardless of the department of the architectural firm, scanners and software will simplify and reduce the workload of workers and allow for more time devoted to more difficult and important activities such as project meetings, collaborating with team members and building architectural plans. TACT Group can create a customized EDM (Electronic Document Management) system to work within your architectural firm’s workflow. For example, by creating an EDM, all authorized members will have 24/7 access to a centralized documentation center with electronic versions of all your scanned documents. In effect, employees in different locations or departments can conveniently communicate, share information and collaborate over plans. Even authorized users not directly within the public project can have system access based on the extent of their roles in any document-based process with the help of our scanners and software to get your documentation online. With our products you can easily retrieve, adjust and refer to architectural plans such as floor plans, blueprints, landscape plans, garden designs and urban and rural plans. And because of online documentation, you can also synchronize and integrate documentation of documents and files with other projects and tasks.

Switching to an EDM can be quick and easy with TACT Group’s document management solutions. Our scanning and software products will reduce your firm’s costs with their low switching costs, low operating and maintenance expenses, and long-term product returns. Additionally, these tools will enable your firm to optimize work space, redesign workflow, and increase productivity, leading to a more innovative, technologically advanced architectural firm.


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