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Banking – Scanning and Document Management

Banking – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Banks and Financial Institutions 

Secure your financial banking institution’s documents into a centralized documentation center with TACT Group’s document management solutions and scanning products. As an established DMS provider with over 25 years of experience, TACT Group is the trustworthy source for all your needs regarding document scanning, archive storage and business process management.

TACT Group’s scanning equipment create a centralized documentation centre that presents the solution to common banking challenges such as: transferring documents from different departments, managing high volumes of documents and employee records, as well as large varieties of banking needs and requests. By integrating an EDM (Electronic Document Management) system, your banking institution will reduce tedious manual labor, allowing employees to focus on their core objectives. Our company provides high-quality products and services to securely store away confidential client information and easily retrieve it when required (Ex. Loan and mortgage applications, client credit history, etc.). TACT Group’s scanners and scanning software will enable your banking institution to scan paper checks and remittances to manage logging, processing and deposits as well as digitally manage credit card application processes. As a result, your banking institution will decrease costly time delays and client wait times while improving information accuracy to better support financial decisions. Improving customer experience will help you achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our document management solutions can help your banking institution optimize office space, redesign the workflow, and increase productivity while reducing costs, thereby transforming your banking institution into an innovative, technologically advanced company.


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Canon Scanner DR-C125 Paper

Fujitsu Scanner fi-6230Z



Fujitsu Scanner fi-6770/fi-6770A Paper

Panasonic Scanner KV-S1065C Paper

Canon Scanner DR-6030C Paper



Kodak i5600 Paper Scanner

Fujitsu fi-6800 Paper Scanner

IBML ImageTrac-Lite High Speed Scanner



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