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Education – Scanning and Document Management

Education – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Educational Institutions

TACT Group offers comprehensive document management solutions as well as scanning products and software to aid your educational institution in archiving student recordscanning administrative paperwork, and making education material more accessible. By digitizing the workplace and redesigning the workflow, your educational institution can improve the learning environment for both the students and the educators.

Create a more efficient and responsive educational institution by getting organized through an EDM (Electronic Document Management) system. TACT Group personalizes EDM systems to fit your needs, whether your institution is just starting to move towards EDM or wants to upgrade to a compatible EDM for the future. As an electronic solutions provider, TACT Group can supply your institution with thescanning equipment and software as well as scanning equipment training so that your educational institution would be able to easily incorporate these tools into everyday operations. Additionally, TACT Group provides scanning services which can handle any of your institution`s special scanning needs, such as scanning historical documents, rare books, or high volumes of archives.

Our scanning and software products create a centralized documentation center that enhances communication among all members of the educational institution. By improving document management, image management, forms and document capture as well as image enhancement, this centralized documentation center can facilitate collaboration among professors, teaching assistants and tutors, as well as a better flow of communication between students and teachers. This Mailroom application will also allow educators to spend more time providing education to their students and less time doing tedious paperwork. In addition, it will reduce paper usage on large amounts of high-volume student faculties by digitizing through scanning. Books, files, past print documents can all be converted to online files in a variety of formats using our scanner and software products.

As a result of our document management solutions, scanners and software, your educational institution will revitalize the workplace, reduce of labor hours spent on paperwork and filing, improve student record storage, and become a more innovative, technologically advanced educational institution.


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Canon Scanner P-215

Fujitsu Scanner fi-5015C

Kodak Scanner A3 Tethered Flatbed



Fujitsu Scanner fi-6230Z

Kodak Scanner i2900

Panasonic Scanner KV-S1065C



Kodak Scanner i4600

Kodak Scanner i5800




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