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Insurance – Scanning and Document Management

Insurance – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Insurance Companies 

Improve your insurance company’s client loyalty, satisfaction and retention by digitizing the workplace. TACT Group’s document management services and products can redesign the workflow of your company with document scanning, microform document imaging and archive storing.

Insurance firms experience a constant flow of information from both internal and external sources. Organize your high volume of information in an EDM (Electronic Document Management) system, consolidating the information into a centralized documentation center. An EDM system will enable better communication and customer service as your employees will have access to the necessary files exactly when needed, instead of losing valuable time searching for the documents. In addition to our document management consulting, our high performance scanning and software products will aid your company in becoming more efficient through the use of digital mailrooms, e-documents, virtual archiving, and online tracking and monitoring of forms and sensitive financial records. These scanning and software devices are the solutions to common insurance industry challenges such as maintaining high security, protection and accessibility of sensitive records and paperwork,  control and awareness over flow of documents, and quick, easy and professional access when clients are present. Furthermore, our scanning equipment can give your insurance company a competitive edge by moving towards a paperless office, which supports sustainable responsibility while optimizing office space for a more efficient workplace.

Integrating an EDM system can be fast and simple with TACT Group’s customized document management solutions. By collaborating with TACT Group your insurance firm can maximize information accessibility for all relevant parties and revitalise the work flow while reducing costs, ultimately leading to higher productivity and customer satisfaction. 


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