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Archive Scanning

With years of experience in document management, Group TACT can handle all your archive scanning needs. Group TACT can convert high volumes of archives into a simple, easily accessible centralized documentation center. Our company personalizes the archive scanning to your organization, providing quick service within your time frame.

Through archive scanning your organization can consolidate cabinets full of papers into a digitized system. This paperless system frees up valuable office space as well as secures your important documents from loss and deterioration. As a result, your organization will have fast and reliable access to your archives when you need them. In addition, a digitized archive system allows your employees to have all pertinent information on hand instead of spending time searching for the documents. This creates a more responsive organization that can provide better service and support to all relevant parties (Ex. Company partners, employees, clients). Group TACT archive scanning system can aid your organization in transforming into a flexible, mobile system, prepared to move forward with its efforts.