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E-image data launches the new Scanpro 3000


e-ImageData of Hartford - Wisconsin - USA has unveiled its LATEST & GREATEST plus EXTREMELY REVOLUTIONARY New Digital Microfilm Scanner / Printer product - the ScanPro 3000 which incorporates a GIANT new Level of sophistication plus improved image quality for the Micrographic Industry with an exceptional 21 MEGAPIXEL Camera. The announcement was made at the conference ALA (American Library Association) held in Seattle, Washington, United States.

The latest innovation in micrographic technology features a 21 megapixel camera with the highest optical resolution on the market, providing customers with exceptional image quality, never before seen in the micrographic industry. The print resolution is over 500dpi on an A4 = 210 x 297 mm size page, providing the clearest image with the unparalleled ability to scan, view and inspect the smallest of details on any type or format of microfilm.

This ultra high definition allows you to enlarge the image to a magnification of 800% to obtain the most accurate on the market micrographic.

e-ImageData company reconfirms its reputation as a world leader in the industry with micrographic products with the highest level of functionality for all libraries.

Docucom Digital is a leading Canadian resellers for Kodak, Fujitsu, IBML, Panasonic, Canon and e-Image Data, providing a complete line of document scanners high, medium and low volume, software and supplies for the management of documents and imaging solutions aimed at helping governments and businesses to capture, transmit, store and access their documents.


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