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CSPQ - CNESST - Scanning of incoming mail (Digital Mailroom)

As part of their turn for a paperless office, the CNESST undertook the implementation of the electronic file for their claim service.

Incoming mail is scanned as soon as it arrives, classified and sent for processing.

Processing consists of automatic Document classification, Document related Data Extraction and creation of Data/image files

All of the above is realyze using IDR technologies...

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) is a complex solution to accomplish diverse processing needs based on data use, form structure, data type, document classification, business rules workflows and application integration requirements. A simple Google Search describes IDR as a system that has integrated knowledge of generic form types such as Word or PDF, and has the ability to interpret and extract content from these and all types of unstructured data.

More at http://tactgroup.com/en/services/digital-mailroom


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