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Docucom Digital and ibml

Docucom has just signed an agreement with ibml to sell high speed scanners for processing documents (up to 429 documents per minute), across Canada. Patented photographic technology features and image enhancement are built into the system providing the best possible images, and improve the reading rate (ICR + OCR). This hardware technology, coupled with an internal electronic design and software provides the IBML Scanners the ability to monitor, process and intelligently identify documents during electronic transactions.

The manual feed station can process documents that are difficult to feed automatically, with a minimal impact on performance. Costly exceptions / re-scans are virtually eliminated.Docucom Digital is one of the leading Canadian resellers for Kodak, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Canon and e-Image Data products, providing a comprehensive line of high, medium and low volume scanners, software and supplies for document management and imaging solutions helping governments and businesses to capture, distribute, store and access their documents.

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