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ScanPro 2000 PowerScan Productivity Suite Software

9e-imagedata scanner Scanpro 2000 microform

Docucom Digital is pleased to announce the new ScanPro 2000 PowerScan Productivity Software from e-Image Data. This unique additional software enables scanned images to be OCR’d within seconds.

Features include the ability to search the page for specific words, create either single or multi-page searchable PDFs and the INFO-LINK feature which enables a specific name or word to be highlighted and then automatically linked to a search engine such as Google or Wikipedia.

Docucom Digital is one of the leading Canadian resellers for Kodak, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Canon and e-Image Data products, providing a comprehensive line of high, medium and low volume scanners, software and supplies for document management and imaging solutions helping governments and businesses to capture, distribute, store and access their documents.

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